Theology that Works

What is this document?

“Theology that Works” is a unique product. It was first circulated in early 2010 as a six-page manifesto on discipleship and economic work, entitled “Whatever You Do.” Its initial role was to explain why issues related to work and the economy are a necessary part of theological education, and to sound a call for renewed efforts to integrate these issues into the educational priorities of the seminary.

However, it grew and changed as it circulated among theological educators in the Oikonomia Network (see below). Feedback was incorporated from theologians across a wide range of traditions and methodologies. Differences of language, emphasis and resonance across theological and cultural divides were increasingly accounted for. And new questions were constantly raised for the document to address. A longer paper carrying the dialogue forward into more intellectually challenging questions, “Economic Shalom,” was circulated. Feedback continued to come back in and reshape this paper as well. Eventually, the two papers were combined into “Theology that Works.”

This document is an invitation to dialogue. Although it is intended to reflect the input and feedback generously offered by many people, only the named author is responsible for its contents. Its role is to start conversations. And far from standing as a “once for all” statement, we hope it will continue to grow and change as more people interact with it.

Theology that Works

An introduction to the principles espoused by the Oikonomia Network.